We need to define the purpose for the website. Most businesses end up in one of the below categories:

  • Generate leads
  • Portfolio or showcase of work
  • Having an online presence

In any case if you decide to have a website to represent your business make sure it reflects your business qualities. Having a poorly designed website can create a negative image about your business, so it is better to have a good one or nothing. Even if you want to have an online presence with just a single page website, make sure it is well designed with good content.

Make sure to check your competitors websites and see how you rank with the competition. If you feel like you need a little “reno” job for the website this means you are lagging behind. With the rapidly changing online arena it is worth to spend money on a website design where you can keep up with the technology updates and changes while maintaining your budget.

We provide dynamic content management websites where you can update the content. Talk to us about a simple and affordable content management system.

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