Marketing is vital for any business to reach the target audience. However when it comes to online marketing you need a clear strategy to get the return from the advertisement spend. Most businesses starts to throw random amounts in multiple platforms and end up with very poor marketing campaign which returns nothing.

Even-though boosting a Facebook post is relatively straight forward, you will need to make sure that click can lead to a successful lead. This journey is filled with lots of obstacles and the potential customer can drop out during the journey only to increase your add cost. Identifying the obstacles and taking them away will make the journey smooth and increase the conversion rate. There are so many obstacles and you might need expert advice across multiple areas.

So the most important and crucial component is website speed. When your website takes so long to load your customers will not have the time to wait. You can always use the free Google site speed to tool to measure your website speed. Compress the images to load webpages faster. It will only take a minute and it is worthwhile to make sure you have a good speed website. If you find your website score is low you can talk to us about improving the performance or overcoming the other marketing obstacles.

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